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9/17/2017: Duke Energy sent out automated messages asking residents still without power to report the outage again. As of this morning, the same buildings were out as yesterday, except the Lake Lofts. Carol spoke with a representative at Duke this morning and reported the buildings still out. The representative said as of 9:00 last night, power had been restored to all except 5,977 customers in Polk County. They are hoping to have everyone restored by the end of the day today.

9/15/2017: Power was restored to more buildings at Grenelefe yesterday. As of this morning, the following buildings still had no power: 30 and 31 Birch, 403 thru 406 Abbey, 69 Olde Camelot, 227 thru 230 Burnway, all of Corner Lake and all of the Lake Lofts.

9/15/2017: Power was restored to parts of Grenelefe yesterday. As of this morning, the following buildings still had no power: 30 and 31 Birch, 403 thru 406 Abbey, 308 and 309 Camelot, 100 Holly, 69 and 71 Olde Camelot, 227 thru 230 Burnway, all of Tennis, all of Pinewood, all of Corner Lake and all of the Lake Lofts. The good news is that as of 8:30 this morning, there was a line of five or six power trucks sitting at the junction of 544 and Kokomo Road, ready to get to work.

9/14/2017: Duke Energy has notified us that power is expected to be restored at Grenelefe this Sunday. We don't know yet when our phones and internet will be functional. The focus of the staff this week has been exterior damage assessment and cleanup. We drove the property again today and found very little damage to the buildings. There are many light poles and signs that sustained damage and we will be working on them in order to get them working when the power comes up. We are estimating that it will take us a month to remove all of the downed trees, tree limbs and other landscaping debris. Next week, once power is restored, we will begin inspecting unit interiors to determine if there was any water intrusion. If we find any damage, we will call in our vendor that specializes in water and mold remediation to dry out units if needed. They cannot do any of this type of work unless they have power. If we find any units that have had water intrusion, we will contact owners on an individual basis to let you know. Unfortunately, current circumstances and staffing levels do not allow us to go check out specific units upon request. Please be patient and understand that unless you are contacted, it is safe to assume that no damage has occurred in your unit. Thank you for your patience!

9/12/2017: Grenelefe has no power, and our phones are currently down. However, that being said, there was no significant structural damage to any of the buildings that we can tell at this point. We did a cursory inspection yesterday of the fronts and backs and did not see any significant damage. There is major debris and tree limbs down everywhere and there will be a big cleanup effort needed. We have 10-15 light poles down, and numerous directional signs damaged from downed trees. For the most part we have the roads and parking lots accessible. As we move forward I am sure that we will find some minor roof damage and will be replacing aged out roofing, but overall we came out better than expected for the size of the hurricane. We will be checking e-mail twice a day from a remote location until we can get power back up on property and get the office back up and running. We appreciate your patience during the post hurricane cleanup efforts. We will get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Grenelefe is an enchanting haven of natural beauty and charm that is yours to rediscover. Even though hurricanes ravaged some areas of the resort and the west course has been closed for several years, one cannot deny the serenity of condo living here at Grenelefe. At close to a thousand acres, the Grenelefe area features stately oaks, tall pines and rolling hills. Many of the condominiums look out onto the fairways of the South and East golf courses. Grenelefe has been welcoming its owners to this peaceful hideaway for more than 30 years. This website has been designed for our condominium owners to help answer questions, keep them up to date on what the Association is working on, and assist them with other needs they may have. The Association staff is always looking for ways to improve service to our owners and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Last update: July 4, 2017
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