Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2019

Greetings from Grenelefe!                                                                                             Summer 2019

We have started the summer off with a drought over the past few weeks, which is typical for this time of year. Everything is a little crunchy, but as I look out my back patio, there are lots of storm clouds that are starting to come in on a regular basis and we should be back to our wet ways soon. Then we will start doing all of our plant installs. Last year we had planted plumbago bushes along all of the borders of the cleared natural areas and islands to enhance the curb appeal. Plumbagos are kind of bushy and have pretty blue flowers on them. They look great this year! They love the sunshine and the dry conditions so they are flourishing. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we steadily continue to enhance the property through our landscaping projects.

Speaking of projects, the board of directors just approved a couple that I am very excited about. The first one, upgrading the parking lot and street lights, is one that I have been pushing for years, but there was always something more pressing that needed to be done. This wait, as it turned out, was a good thing. Fast forward seven years and we find that technology and design have come forward in leaps and bounds. Our old behemoth light posts have not aged well due to their design and the fact that they are made out of wood. Most of them have either surpassed useful life or are reaching the end of it. For several years now, we have patched and propped up our light poles in order to keep them going. The light posts are buried directly into the ground and they rot over time. Even though we changed from sodium light bulbs to fluorescents for energy savings, these new LED fixtures are far more energy efficient and also produce better light. Besides being virtually maintenance free, the new design will save money over the current design as far as replacement cost and the energy savings from using LEDs. The new design will be night sky friendly meaning that the lights will not be shining up into the sky. There are advantages to these in that they light only areas that need it, are fully shielded and point downward. We will be rolling this project out starting this summer.

The second project we will be doing is restricting access to our trash disposal area. It is a shame that we even have to consider going to these lengths over trash, but this is the number one issue for the Association. As we have shown our commitment to make this a better experience with the installation of the compactors and the beautification of these trash disposal areas, we will now complete the process and control the access to these areas. The reason for the need to do this is that there are a multitude of off-property dumpers, and these are not just one-time occurrences. People are coming in from off property with trailers and pickups full of trash and it is not the kind of trash that is supposed to be thrown in the compactors. We have had residents from the surrounding housing communities empty their garages and dump it into the compactor. We have also found renovation trash such as boards, shingles, glass and tile in the compactors. This is a common occurrence and unfortunately, we are not always staffed when it jams up the compactors and causes pileups of trash on the ground. Most of the abuse takes place on the weekends or afterhours. The number of pulls being required is much higher than we anticipated during our analysis about switching to compactors. We only planned on four pick-ups per month for both compactors and we are averaging almost double that number. This will affect what we have to budget for trash removal. The plan for rolling this out is to install barrier gates like you see in some parking lots. Access will be limited to only condominium residents and you will need to register and receive a unique code that will identify you. The registration will be available through the Association website. We will either text or e-mail you your access code. We are planning to have several options for access. There will be a keypad, and a four-digit code will be given to you at no cost. We will have other options that are more convenient such as key fobs, cards and phone apps which will have a small cost, based on which product you choose. We are planning to get started on this project soon to try to reduce the amount and kinds of trash that are being dumped by nonresidents. In the interim we ask that you abide by the compactor rules and pass these along to your renters if you have them.

Compactor Rules:

1. All trash must be securely bagged prior to disposal.

2. Place securely bagged trash into the compactor. Do not leave on the ground. Note: compactor will compact trash after the door has been opened and closed 3 times.

3. Flatten boxes before placing them into the compactor.

4. No auto batteries, oils or petroleum

5. No toxic or combustible materials

6. No furniture, mattresses or appliances

7. No construction or remodeling trash

8. No landscaping trash

I want to invite you to visit our website at We are in the process of revamping the site to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate. There is a wealth of information that we have put up on the site for you. Board meeting minutes are posted on the site, along with the condominium rules and regulations. The website is a great way to stay connected with what is happening with your association.

I would like to remind you that all installations of screen rooms, front screen doors, French patio doors and washers and dryers must follow the procedures set forth by the Design Review Committee. The first step in getting approved is to stop by the Association office and pick up a copy of the policy and the application or if you have access to the web, print it from our website at Fill out the application and return it to the Association for approval before installing any of these. We would be happy to discuss the process or answer any questions you may have about making these changes to your condominium.

Have a great summer and as always, it is a pleasure to serve you. My staff and I look forward to seeing you when you are in town.

Chris Gourdie

General Manager